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Felicity's Legacy

Welcome to the wiki! This site is a reference intended to track all the information about the mystery of Felicity's legacy.

Calling all wiki-folk! This wiki would love to have more hands helping update it with information, pictures, and more, especially where pages are empty or incomplete. Feel free to make an account and help out!

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The nutshell

Summary of the story so far...

After receiving a rabbithole package in the mail from Felicity Velius, Wikibruce enlisted the help of Toenolla, mailing a key to Texas in order to retrieve contents of a lockbox as soon as possible. Felicity had set up Felicityvelius.com, which while on the surface was the blog of a cat and Beatrix Potter fan who's creating a smartphone app dedicated to the stories of Potter, actually contains numerous hidden messages and document files, implying a far more volatile situation is at hand.

The lockbox in Waco contained additional instructions, a 8-page phone transcript between "Flintlight" (an ex-member of "the Organization" in a segment called the Voltaire group) and Steven W Howell with whom Flintlight maintained a 3 year relationship under the name Stephanie. She left him and took his cat Toby when the going got rough at the Organization; but not before stealing a load of classified documents, with the intent of going public with them, safely.

The Organization had surveilled their conversation, and "F"'s friend "D" passed on a warning that Steve's life may now be in danger.

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