The cat

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The cat

Original name: Toby
Alias: "Virgil" - as referred to by Felicity (see notes below)
Owners: Originally, Steven W Howell
Currently, Felicity
What we know: Toby was under ownership of Steve while he and Stephanie were in relations for 3 years. When she left suddenly, she took him with her (the cat). Known now as Flintlight, it's believed that she (also believed to be answering to Felicity here) has used him in imagery on, referring to him by the name "Virgil" - one of her ways of hiding hints to messages hidden in the site's content.

Other notes

  • Virgil was used as a reference to the poet Virgil, as a tip to use his story "The Aeneid" with a key to retrieve a hidden message from Felicity's East Asian Nyan Cat video.

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