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Below is a view of events we believe to have happened chronologically by date. For the order of discovery, see the story so far


December 20

Unknown date (2009?)
Unknown date
Unknown date


May 17

  • "Flintlight" calls Steven W Howell in desperation (read p1). She hasn't spoken to Steve in 3 years and is looking for help. She also took his cat. Steve hangs up.

May 18

  • Flintlight calls Steven W Howell twice, to which he immediately hangs up. The third time he listens. (read p2-4). Steve calls her "Stephanie", which isn't her real name. They had a relationship which she ended for his safety 3 years ago, but she needs his help now; tells him to go to the post office across the street from where they used to have coffee, and open box 412 with code 16 - 4 - 30.

May 19

  • Flintlight calls Steven W Howell for an update (read p4-7). He retrieved the drop, which contained a file on her outlining what's implied to be very sensitive information. A contact of Flintlight who "owed her big" took the risk to set up the drop for him. Flintlight's real name is redacted from all transcript text by "LQ". The file reveals she was in an "Organization" (which exists "everywhere"), in what seems to be a sort of undercover movement they call the Voltaire group; some people are still inside, but she left. She's now communicating from China, jumping between internet cafes and taking every precaution - she wants to go public with inside intel to the Organization. Ideas like using Wikileaks and Wikipedia are passed off, as they're "owned" by the Organization. She asks for $10000, to the Peoples Savings and International Trading Bank in Qingyuan. She states that "Toby" is also in Hong Kong and has assumed a new identity.

May 20

  • Flintlight calls Steven W Howell (read p7-8). She should be on her way west in 3 days, with the cat. On ideas to distribute this intel publicly and quickly, Steve suggests using community blogs, people who love conspiracy, mysteries, data analysis and such - a reference on the last page, which is cut short, to "I Love Bees" indicates taking the Alternate Reality Game community route.

May 23

Unknown date (after May 20, 2012)
Unknown date (around May 28, 2012?)

June 6

  • A message is sent from Li Qiaolian to an unknown recipient (view, doc1), who met a week prior at "the Westfields" (Marriott in Virginia perhaps?). Li is confident that resource shipping of rare earth elements (Sc, Pr, Nd, and Pm) will continue from China through Q1 2015 for their operation. Li also asks this contact for aid in locating and dealing with the now "burned" Flintlight.

July 13

  • Felicity sends the first rabbithole package to Wikibruce in Canada, with instructions to retrieve a lockbox of assets by July 20, 2012 from Waco, TX.

July 31

  • Wikibruce receives the first rabbithole package from Felicity, past the July 20 deadline. Deadline extended to "asap" (retrieved August 10). Package also contains a letter to Grace from Harrison dated Dec 20, 1912 on distributing special assets, which was sent to "F" from "D".

August 10

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