Rabbithole package

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Rabbithole package


  • The letter addressed to Wikibruce included instructions to open a lockbox at the GPS coordinates by July 20. Having received the mail July 30th, the deadline had passed. Felicity informed that the deadline could be extended, as long as the package was retrieved.
  • The key was then mailed to Toenolla, who traveled and retrieved the lockbox.
Rabbithole-stamps.jpg Stamps from DC and Georgia
Rabbithole-gps.jpg Outer package with GPS coordinates
Rabbithole-envelopes.jpg Two envelopes
2nd envelope:
Post marked Chicago ILL, Dec 20 10am, 1912
Mr. Eugene McKinstry
1010 James St., Seattle Washington
Rabbithole-keyletter.jpg Envelope #1: Message from Felicity and instructions for Wikibruce
Friday, July 13, 2012

Dearest Wikibruce:
I have followed your work with interest. Enclosed is a key and directions.

My time is running out, you will not hear from me again.

Open the box by July 20.

Yours, Felicity
Rabbithole-cardforgrace.jpg Envelope #2: Christmas card circa 1912 for Grace from E Harrison, with note from "D" to "F"
The card reads:
A Merry Christmas
Tis sweet to be remembered, if only with a thought,
So am sending you kind wishes that never could be bought.
( Grace )
The post-it note reads:
This is all I could get out of the Archive. They’ve been at it for a while, huh?
Rabbithole-msgfromharrison.jpg Message from E Harrison to Grace:
My Dear Colleague,

How blessed we are to reside in a land with a reliably prompt and private post. You will be pleased to hear that our commodity reallocation plan is proceeding according to schedule. Heavy investment in Steel, Rubber, Copper and Crude Oil should serve us well through the close of this Decade. If you have not already done so, our dear friend, Baron R. who I have been told is quite well though advanced in years, suggests a gradual sale of any European consumer based assets before the close of 1913. To Our Continued Success, E. Harrison

Handling notes:
To be destroyed by or collected upon the death of recipient
Rabbithole-cardstamp.jpg Card branding from manufacturer c1912
No. 4 M.
Copyright, 1912.
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