Steven W Howell

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Steve Howell

Full name: Steven W Howell
Connections: Had relations with Stephanie (aka "Flintlight")
Cat: Toby
What we know: Steve was in a 3 year relationship with Stephanie, while unbeknownst to him, she was under cover in "The Organization", part of a movement called the Voltaire group. She left him suddenly, and took his cat Toby. On making contact again May 17 2012, labeled in a phone transcript as "Flintlight", she approached him for aid once working past his resentment, to help make stolen information/documents very public, very quickly, very covertly. He agreed to help.

Other notes

  • He may have been murdered, according to a reference in the blog post from August 8, 2012 ("56") to "my Steve" having been "baked into a pie" like Peter Rabbit's father.

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