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Full alias: "Felicity Velius"
Alternate alias(es):
  • "Flintlight": Used while an agent within the Organization
  • "F": Used in communication with "D"
  • "Stephanie": Used while in a covert 3-year relationship with Steve
What we know: "Felicity" is now believed to be the undercover alias for a woman who's current goal is still relatively unknown. We do know she belonged to a movement in "The Organization" called the Voltaire group. She recently fled the group after it became too much for her. She's now located somewhere in North America, having 'adopted' (stolen) a cat from her 3-year boyfriend/partner Steve while under cover, unbeknownst to him. Since fleeing, she's attempted to make public, covertly, a number of sensitive documents successfully pulled from the Organization, via her website FelicityVelius.com and various mailings and deaddrops.

Points of Contact

Other notes

  • "Velius" has only a few references (per wikipedia), but most interestingly is the connection to Final Fantasy Tactics, a wizard foe alternatively known as Belias (see this video).
    • The most likely connection, however, is the name meaning: veiled, hidden, concealed. Various name resources consider it either male or female, of Latin origin.

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